27 November 2023

The Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) are launching new principles for preceptorship for AHPs this week, while NHS England have published the AHP Preceptorship Standards and Framework to support embedding of preceptorship. 

A preceptorship is a structured period of supported transition which enables clinicians to develop confidence and competence in their new role as autonomous practitioners. 

The HCPC principles of preceptorship (available from 30 Nov) will apply across all four nations of the UK and are considered good practice for running preceptorship programmes. The principles were developed following a consultation on preceptorship last year.  

The five principles are: 

  1. Organisational culture and preceptorship 
  2. Quality and oversight of preceptorship 
  3. Preceptee empowerment
  4. Preceptor role 
  5. Delivering preceptorship programmes 

Preceptorships have been recommended for newly qualified professionals for some time, however, the benefits of preceptorships have now been highlighted for people experiencing a broader range of scenarios beyond initial qualification, including following a career break or period of extended leave, for international recruitment and for a significant change in clinical practice. Preceptorships provide a structured approach to transition periods, acting as a bridge to new areas of work. 

NHS England have launched the AHP Preceptorship Standards and Framework which align to the principles. Aimed at AHPs working across England, the publication will provide evidence-based resources to support inclusive access to high quality preceptorship across a range of career transitions. They are running a series of launch webinars and Q&A sessions between 27 November and 14 Dec. Find out more and register 

The benefits of preceptorship have been consistently documented across the literature. Health Education England (2022) highlight the key benefits as: increased job satisfaction, enhanced confidence, improved recruitment and retention, feeling valued and enhanced future careers aspirations. 

For more information view the RCSLT preceptorships guidance or watch our webinar jointly delivered with HCPC and NHS England in September 2023.