20 March 2023

The RCSLT is committed to making improvements in our governance and we are delighted that, by working with the Allied Health Professions Federation, we are able to offer funding to access a leadership programme which will support members to take on strategic leadership roles within the RCSLT.

This programme covers strategic corporate issues such as finance, governance, leadership skills, risk management and many other aspects that will help prepare you to become more involved in the RCSLT.

We are now recruiting members to join the programme from early 2023. The programme is free to successful applicants. The time commitment is estimated to be around 50-60 hours spread over approximately a six-month period. There will be mainly online learning with others, some of it during the week, but expectation that some of the learning is self-directed in your own time.

Professional associations are led (governed) through formal structures made up of members and non-members who provide strategic leadership and direction for the RCSLT and the profession. It is widely recognised that diversity at the most senior levels of organisations helps improve the way they are run and managed.

Increasing diversity within the governance of the RCSLT (i.e. our Board and Committee structures) is essential for the RCSLT to stay informed and responsive and to navigate the fast-paced and complex changes facing our sector. We know that Boards whose members have different backgrounds and experience are more likely to encourage debate and to make better decisions.

We welcome applications from members from under-represented groups, such as members who are Black, Asian or have a minority ethnic background, LGBTQ+ members, or members with a disability.

Please note that this programme is not intended to support SLTs in their professional clinical careers but will focus on how they can contribute to the RCSLT as the professional association .

To apply, please send a letter or video of application addressing:

  1. Why you want to complete this programme
  2. What you would like to contribute to your professional association, when you have completed it.

To find further information about the programme and how to apply please refer to this guide.

Letters or a video of application must be received by 17 May 2023. Please send to cosec@rcslt.org.