15 May 2023

The RCSLT has published a new mini-series of training videos as part of our Outcomes Programme on ‘Making Data Count’.

The training consists of six bitesize videos on the value of analysing your routinely-collected data, and what it can do for you and your service. From learning about what makes data ‘fit-for-purpose’ to understanding how to design basic analyses, these modules will benefit all SLTs who are looking to get to grips with how they can utilise the data that they’ve been collecting. 

For users of the RCSLT Online Outcome Tool (ROOT) – you may spot some familiar examples, and we hope that by watching these videos you will see the important role ROOT has in helping you to use your data. However, even if you or your service are not yet using ROOT, the videos still provide important learning, and the principles are transferable to any kind of data you are collecting.  

Watching these modules is a great source of CPD and can guide you to plan and take your next steps, ensuring that your learning is put into practice. In line with the new RCSLT Professional Development Framework, these videos can support your professional development particularly related to the ‘quality improvement and outcomes’ section under ‘evidence, research and innovation’ in the framework.  

You can access the videos here. If you have any feedback about them, or would like further information on the ROOT, please email root@rcslt.org.