31 August 2023

With MPs returning to Parliament next week, we have written to them to ensure that speech and language therapy is on their radar.

With an impending general election and party conferences taking place in the autumn, our Public Affairs team know how critical it is to continue our engagement with MPs and policy makers to ensure the key issues impacting speech and language therapists and people having speech and language therapy are fully understood.

In a letter to MPs, RCSLT Chief Executive, Steve Jamieson explained how speech and language therapy supports MPs’ constituents and their families. He highlighted the extent and impact of speech, language, and communication needs, the challenges many people have with eating, drinking, and swallowing and how speech and language therapists support these individuals.

To make the point on the importance of voice and good communication, all MPs received a briefing on caring for and projecting their voices, tips on how to make their offices accessible to people who communicate differently or with difficulty and suggestions on how to make communications accessible.

Download the briefing.

For more information on our policy and influencing work please contact our External Affairs Officer, Elissa Cregan, on elissa.cregan@rcslt.org