19 February 2024

RCSLT have published new guidance and resources to support LGBTQIA+ colleagues, including SLTs, support workers and students.

The new guidance is open to all, irrespective of whether you identify as LGBTQIA+, and has been produced by the RCSLT and UK SLT Pride Network LGBTQIA+ working group to help raise awareness and promote understanding of the context of working life for LGBTQIA+ people. It also has practical information and tips on what individuals, teams, services and organisations can do to make their settings more inclusive.

The information provides a unique perspective informed by the experience and expertise of LGBTQIA+ SLTs, support workers and students. Amongst the resources is an audit tool for services and organisations to check themselves against in terms of their inclusivity for those who identify as LGBTQIA+. The tool also includes a list for individuals to review whether their workplace is comfortable, safe, and welcoming for them.

LGBTQIA+ affirming zones of practice have been developed to support people to play their part in creating non-discriminatory workplaces for people with LGBTQIA+ identity. The zones of practice can be used to reflect on where you are personally or to reflect where your team and service are.

The guidance aims to help both SLTs and their managers to discuss, develop and implement workable, practical adjustments to enable all LGBTQIA+ SLTs, support workers and students to participate fully in their workplace.

View the guidance