10 August 2023

RCSLT has published a workforce review and training needs analysis on paediatric dysphagia along with key recommendations to support SLTs working in this area.

The paediatric dysphagia: workforce review and training needs analysis report (PDF) looks at the gaps and challenges in the speech and language therapy workforce for infants, children and young people with eating, drinking and swallowing needs, with a focus on those working in community settings. It also includes key recommendations to support the workforce in this area, focused on training, supervision and support, and recruitment and retention.

The report was developed as part of a project within the workforce reform programme funded by Health Education England. A working group was established to undertake the review which included developing a survey to understand the training and service gaps in the community paediatric dysphagia workforce. 183 clinicians responded from across the UK, representing nearly all healthcare regions in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The report includes analysis of the survey results as well as existing evidence related to growing demand and requirements from the workforce.

It can be read alongside a supporting statement (PDF) which summarises the recommended actions needed to support the workforce.