7 September 2023

The Times Health Commission is collecting recommendations for the future of the health sector throughout 2023

The Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists (RCSLT) has submitted evidence to The Times Health Commission, highlighting our concerns on issues affecting the Speech and Language profession and people working in the field including:

  • issues with the discharge of individuals and recurring hospital admissions due to failed discharges
  • increased need for community rehabilitation and preventative measures to avoid hospital admissions
  • levels of recognition for the critical role of speech and language therapists in urgent and emergency care
  • the shortage of speech and language therapists despite increases in training numbers and the need for better workforce planning and investment in the specialist workforce
  • role expansion for therapists in cancer awareness, quicker diagnosis, access to treatment, and after-care services and more frequent screenings and interventions needed for certain types of cancer
  • the need for mental health workforce expansion to include speech and language therapists
  • RCSLT concerns about the Government’s approach towards health inequalities

This was our second submission to the commission, allowing us to share the unique perspective, understanding and experiences of our membership.

Through collaboration, engagement, and policy influence, The Times Health Commission will strive to drive positive change and improve the overall quality and accessibility of healthcare services. The commission is operating as an independent body throughout 2023, holding fortnightly evidence sessions. It aims to receive feedback from stakeholders, including healthcare professionals, policymakers, and the public, to gather diverse perspectives on the key challenges facing the healthcare system in the UK and ensure that the recommendations in its 2024 report reflect the needs and aspirations of all involved parties.

The Times Health Commission is looking for recommendations in ten areas including health inequalities, the funding model for health and social care, Health inequalities, workforce and mental health.