10 June 2024

RCSLT, Mikey Akers, and others involved in his Invest in SLT petition, have issued a statement setting out the next steps 

When Parliament was dissolved for the General Election, Mikey Akers’ petition on increasing investment in speech and language therapy was closed. This meant that the debate due to take place on the petition on 1 July will no longer happen. 

Working with Mikey and those most involved in the petition’s promotion (including speech and language therapists, parents, and people having speech and language therapy), the RCSLT has issued a joint statement which thanks all those who signed and promoted the petition and sets out the next steps and our hopes for the future of the petition.

Once Parliament returns after the election, we hope the new Petitions Committee will decide to debate the petition. We also hope that the next Government, of whichever party, will work with us to ensure improved access to speech and language therapy, including through increasing investment in services. 

In recognition of the importance of the issues, the statement has been supported by over 40 other organisations. These include coalitions, such as the Disabled Children’s Partnership and the Embracing Complexity Coalition. They include charities covering the entire age range of those who require speech and language therapy, from babies, children and young people, to working age adults and older people, ranging from Ambitious about Autism to the Stroke Association. They also include representative bodies such as the Association of YOT Managers, The National Association of Special Schools, and the School and Public Health Nurses Association. 

Update 18 June 2024 – Since the publication of this news story, more organisations have come forward to support the statement and are reflected in the updated petition statement.

Read the statement in full