27 May 2022

A new statement from the COVID Airborne Protection Alliance (CAPA) outlines ongoing work to reduce risks and ensure appropriate protection for healthcare workers and service users.

While cases and hospitalisations attributable to COVID-19 may be in decline, they remain unpredictable and may fluctuate, presenting ongoing risks and challenges for RCSLT members.

Since the pandemic began, for more than two years now, we have worked with partner organisations to relentlessly lobby on a number of issues to ensure the right measures and guidance are in place to protect staff and service users.

We are aware that, with ongoing changes to national guidance, including the National Infection Protection Control Manual, it is vitally important to share and update members on the campaigning that we, as active members of the CAPA, along with others, in particular the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) and British Medical Association (BMA), have been undertaking behind the scenes.

The update in this statement will also support you with local discussions.

We take your health, safety and wellbeing very seriously and have identified a number of critical issues which still need clarification, as detailed in this statement. It’s important to get this right, not only for the current situation, but also to ensure we are ready and prepared for any future pandemics.

We would like to thank members of the RCSLT working group who have helped to develop the RCSLT COVID-19 statement and updated advice, in particular, Lee Bolton for developing the 6 P’s.

In addition, we are grateful to the RCN, BMA and expert members of CAPA for reviewing this work.

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