4 July 2023

RCSLT has opened its second vacancy and recruitment survey in order to identify trends and issues with recruitment in the speech and language therapy profession

Earlier this year we published the results from our first survey into vacancy and recruitment which highlighted significant issues in the speech and language therapy profession, with the average vacancy rate reaching 23% across the UK.  

The results enabled us to highlight the challenges facing the SLT workforce to both the wider health sector and government and lobby for better funding and support for speech and language therapy across all nations. We will be repeating the survey every six months to identify trends over time and continue to illustrate the need for more speech and language therapists.

Approximately 40% of services completed the first survey in England, 25-30% in Scotland and over 50% in Wales. We encourage as many services as possible across all four nations to complete the latest survey as this will help us to paint a more accurate picture of our workforce.  

The survey is open to anyone who manages an SLT service, whether it is based in the NHS or not, as well as those managing SLTs across different settings.

Complete the survey

The survey is open until 31 July 2023