Following the 2022 Northern Ireland Assembly elections, the RCSLT NI team will be working with all politicians elected to improve the lives of people in NI with communication and swallowing needs. We are asking the new Assembly and Executive to support three asks in our manifesto.

What are the RCSLT’s asks?

Together with the NI hub we have co-produced three election manifesto asks. We are calling on Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) to:

  • Maximise the speech and language therapy workforce by addressing capacity and skills gaps.
  • Support all children who have speech, language and communication needs by boosting every child’s early language development.
  • Create a communication inclusive Northern Ireland by mandating Communication Access training across all public-facing services.

Download our 2022 manifestos

Read more about what we’re asking and how politicians can support SLTs to address the pressures facing the health and social care system in Northern Ireland now and in the future.