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As the Royal College of speech and language therapists, our focus is on promoting the highest standards in the profession, providing resources and support for its members, and advocating for people who have speech, language, communication, or swallowing needs. 

International conflicts are complex political issue involving historical, geopolitical, and humanitarian aspects. It is a subject that requires a deep understanding of international relations, law, and politics. 

While individual members of the RCSLT may have personal opinions on conflicts and other world events, it would not be appropriate for the organisation as a whole to take an official stance. This ensures that the RCSLT can continue to effectively fulfil its role as a professional body for speech and language therapists. 

We know that many of our members are finding recent world events very troubling and are concerned about their own safety and wellbeing, particularly with regards to antisemitism, islamophobia and racism.  


For support on raising concerns relating to racism in the workplace, see our diversity and inclusion pages.

If you or anyone you know are a victim of a racist or religious hate crime, you can seek support and advice for your local area.

While international world events can be extremely emotive and distressing, we remind all members to adhere to the ethical framework within which all HCPC registrants must work, particularly ensuring the social media guidelines are followed. HCPC are the regulatory body for all Allied Health Professionals so issues of conduct should always be referred to them directly. We also urge all members to ensure they are following their employer’s policies with regards to organisational codes of conduct.