The RCSLT Professional Development Framework is a UK wide resource that has been co-created with speech and language therapists, for speech and language therapists. The framework was developed with funding support from Health Education England as part of a wider workforce reform programme.

Find out more about the framework here.

This year, we are running an online series which will consist of four live webinars to help you understand how to use the framework for your own CPD, with colleagues, or with your team. Webinars will take place monthly between February and May and will cover different aspects so it would be beneficial to attend all four if you can. Recordings of the webinars will also be available. Please note that each webinar has an individual registration link which can be found below.

The series will cover the following topics:

28 February at 12pm: Familiarise yourself with the Professional Development Framework and hear examples of how it is currently being used.

  • Find out about the RCSLT professional development framework
  • Learn how this framework sits with other frameworks you may encounter as part of your career
  • Hear examples of how people are using it
  • Be given ideas of how you could use it in your practice, or with your staff

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14 March at 12pm: Join us as we explore the five core components of the framework: inclusion and diversity; sustainability; co-production; practitioner wellbeing; and impact.

  • Find out about the five core components of the RCSLT professional development and why they are important
  • Learn about the five core components and the reflective questions
  • Be given strategies of how you could use the reflective questions for your personal planning, or with teams, or colleagues

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25 April at 12pm: Deep dive into the four domains of practice: facilitation of learning; evidence, research and innovation; leadership and management; and professional practice.

  • Find out about how the RCSLT professional development framework has four domains of practice
  • Learn about the four domains of practice
  • See a demonstration of the interactive version
  • Consider strategies of how you could use these in your CPD planning, or with your colleagues, or your team

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22 May at 12pm: Using the framework to think about your career journey more broadly.

  • Learn about the concept of a ‘growth career’
  • Consider the relationship between expertise and specialism and where you sit
  • Consider the nature of career progression and development and be given a tool to consider your own career journey

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