FEES is an instrumental assessment of swallowing used by SLTs, in which a flexible nasendoscope (digital or fibreoptic) is inserted transnasally to directly visualise naso-/oro- and laryngopharyngeal structures, secretions, sensory response and pharyngeal swallow function.

RCSLT position paper 

The RCSLT has developed specific guidance for SLT-led endoscopic procedures in the context of COVID-19, which should be read in conjunction with the position paper below.

This position paper defines best practice for the use of the instrumental assessment FEES and sets out the knowledge, skills and training required to achieve competency and safe and quality care:

RCSLT FEES competency framework and training logs 

The competency framework and training logs are for SLTs working with patients with dysphagia who are referring for a Fibreoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing (FEES) assessment and/or performing FEES. 

Download it either as a Word document or a PDF:

This is a UK-wide document and is an adjunct to the RCSLT FEES Position Paper and RCSLT Dysphagia Competency Framework.

Other resources

Please find the following addtional resources for SLTs practising FEES:

Sample rating forms:

Other resources:

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