22 January 2021

As January’s issue lands on members’ doorsteps, we say goodbye to the monthly editions of Bulletin.

Usage of the RCSLT’s website has grown considerably over the last year, with greater demand for up-to-date news, clinical guidance and resources online. This combined with changes taking place in the wider publishing landscape prompted us to reassess how we should manage our channels to best serve members’ needs.

At the end of last year, we launched a Bulletin reader survey and held several focus groups, the feedback from which helped us to conduct a deep dive into members’ reading habits and content preferences.

Members told us that:

  • They valued Bulletin as a professional magazine: 96% of survey respondents identified as a ‘regular reader’, with 65% making time to read every single issue
  • An increase in the range of content provided by a larger but less frequent print magazine would be welcomed, with regular news and updates via RCSLT’s digital channels (77%)
  • Environmental issues were a big concern and members called on us to reduce our carbon footprint (81%)

To accommodate changes in member attitudes and expectations, and to ensure the magazine’s continued relevancy within an evolving profession, Bulletin will be moving from a monthly to a quarterly publication with immediate effect.

January marks the final monthly issue of Bulletin, and we will return in April with a bigger, revamped and more in-depth Bulletin.

In the meantime, you can keep up to date with the latest RCSLT developments via the website and on Twitter – @rcslt_bulletin.