The survey has been developed by the RCSLT’s disability working group which is made up of speech and language therapists, SLT assistants and students who identify with a disability or who are allies of those with disabilities in the profession. The group work together on projects to better support those with disabilities in the profession. 

The group have previously published guidance on supporting SLTs with disabilities in the workplace. As part of this work they identified that there is little research into the views and experiences of SLTs with a disability and further work was needed.  

The survey is the first step to gather valuable insight which acknowledges the experiences of disabled colleagues, and helps to identify how workplaces can improve practices, attitudes and transparency to better support SLTs with a disability. We also hope to be able to share examples of good practice in supporting SLTs with a disability in the workplace.  

The survey is open to all SLTs, SLT assistants, SLT apprentices and students on pre-registration speech and language therapy courses who have a disability, whether or not they have a formal diagnosis. It is also open to non-disabled colleagues, managers and students who can share, via the survey, how they can be allies and support colleagues with a disability.  

We encourage all members of the profession to get involved in this important survey and share your experiences 

The survey will be open until Friday 26 May 2023.