22 May 2024

As a member of the Community Rehab Alliance, the RCSLT have co-signed a letter sent to each of the three political party leaders clearly setting out why it is vital that the next government must prioritise and invest in community rehabilitation services.

Ahead of the General Election, the RCSLT has joined 36 organisations in the Community Rehabilitation Alliance to write to Conservative leader Rishi Sunak, Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer, and Liberal Democrat leader Sir Ed Davey. We are calling on the three political leaders asking them to recognise, prioritise, and invest in community-based rehabilitation services. 

The letters highlight the years of underinvestment, increasing demand, and poor planning of rehabilitation services. This is widening inequalities and increasing health complications. It is also increasing economic inactivity, which has a significant impact on the health and wellbeing of our population. 

We are asking the next Government to take action. Rehabilitation provides solutions to meeting many of the challenges facing the health and care system, including reducing the impact of multimorbidity, preventing costly GP appointments and hospital admissions, and enabling people to remain independent and return to work, day to day activities and social situations. 

The letter asks the next government to 

  1. Expand the rehabilitation workforce in the community, making use of the full workforce available, including allied health professionals, to ensure there is access to high quality rehabilitation services for everyone who needs it. 
  2. Ensure rehabilitation forms a core part of NHS future planning guidance. The next government must make a commitment to rehabilitation as an equal pillar of health care to medicines and surgery. 
  3. Mandate integrated care boards (ICBs) to improve access to high quality community rehabilitation services with an accountable lead in each ICB to drive forward this change. 

You can show your support on social media using the hashtag #RightToRehab, saying why you think community rehabilitation services matter.  

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