23 November 2023

New resources to support student SLTs on the important journey to becoming a newly qualified speech and language therapist.

The transition from student to newly qualified practitioner (NQP) is one of the most important for all speech and language therapists. NQPs are the future of the profession and bring value and the latest knowledge base to their new team. 

At the RCSLT, we understand how the lead up to achieving an NQP role can be a challenging and uncertain time for many student SLTs across the UK. So, based on feedback and insights from recent student SLTs, we’ve created a new graphic outlining some suggested steps to take before, during, and after graduation. We’ll be hearing from current NQPs and supervisors about their top tips for transitioning to an NQP role at our National Student Study Day event on 6 December 2023.  

Once graduated, we provide a range of dedicated support to our newly qualified practitioner members, whether you have started practicing or not. We’ve created a video to showcase the support and benefits available to our NQP members. Take a watch below or on our YouTube channel 

More information

If you are a recent SLT graduate and not yet an NQP member of the RCSLT, check out our member benefits and apply for membership today. 

If you have any further questions about your RCSLT membership, please contact us on 020 7378 3010/3011 or email membership@rcslt.org. 

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Title: Your journey to becoming a newly qualified practitioner (NQP)

1. Prep and practice

In your final year, research what jobs are out there. Look at the job descriptions and application questions of roles that interest you. Update your CV and practice completing applications. Try to request mock interviews with your uni careers team or when on placement.

2. Graduation and registration

Some student SLTs apply for roles before they have graduated but there is no pressure to do this. Once graduated, if you start a job straightaway make sure to register with HCPC and apply for RCSLT NQP membership. You won’t be able to work as a qualified SLT until you have your HCPC registration, but you may be able to request to start on band 4 in NHS settings for the interim.

3. Your time to shine

Lots of student SLTs take a well-deserved break after graduation. Once you’re ready to apply, you may need to be flexible on the location or setting of your first role. Think about what an employer is looking for and how to best showcase your skills. You can do it!

4. Enjoy it!

Remember no one expects you to know everything. Enjoy learning in your new role and be confident to ask questions. RCSLT’s online CPD diary will support you track and achieve your NQP goals. You worked really hard to get to this point. We are proud of you!

Find more support for newly qualified speech and language therapists: rcslt.org/NQP