What did we say?

Following extensive discussion and input from our expert members, the RCSLT said that the strategy should focus on acquired brain injury rather than include other conditions that affect the brain.

We argued that the strategy needs to be focused and succinct to improve the lives of children and adults living with acquired brain injury and their families and carers. Making the strategy too broad might dilute the focus. That could make the measures less beneficial to people living with acquired brain injury and their families.

We also expressed support for the position of the United Kingdom Acquired Brain Injury Forum (UKABIF) which is calling for the strategy to focus solely on brain injury.

What did we recommend?

We offered recommendations in each of the areas covered by the call for evidence:

  • Areas the strategy could look to focus on to better support people with an acquired brain injury or other neurological condition.
  • Other areas the strategy should focus on.
  • The three most important themes for the strategy to consider.

What else did we recommend?

In response to the question on what else the government should consider, we recommended:

  • A clear road map for implementation, with timed and measurable success measures.
  • Funding for recommendations.
  • Joint working with Royal Colleges, such as the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists, to discuss improvements to services for people living with a brain injury. We said we would be happy to provide ongoing counsel and expert input.
  • Close work with the Department for Education to focus on better awareness and identification of children and young people with acquired brain injury in education systems.
  • Close work with the Ministry of Justice to develop specific measures to improve support in the criminal justice and youth justice systems.

For more information, read our full call for evidence response (PDF) and read RCSLT’s clinical information on brain injury.

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