Practice-based learning: resources

Further information, including additional resources and references, to be used alongside the practice-based learning introduction and main guidance.


RCSLT resources

Additional resources

  • Role emerging placements: building capacity and developing skills of independence in student learning (2014) – Leeds Beckett University presentation (PDF)
  • The use of actors in practice education: A novel approach to preparing speech and language therapy students for clinical practice (2012) – University College, Cork presentation (PDF)
  • AHP Health and Care Professions (H&CP) – practice education guidance (PDF)
  • Health Education England report and toolkit: RePAIR (Reducing Pre-registration Attrition and Improving Retention) supports the NHS and higher education providers in reducing the level of student attrition
  • Health Education England: AHP learning placement exchange for expansion and innovation
    • Access the most up-to-date national policy and guidance from arms-length bodies, professional bodies and regulators
    • Share best practice or innovation around expanding placement capacity and improving quality
    • Seek support if you have placement capacity or quality challenges
    • Share information on placements eg resources, funding
  • Health Education England: Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) programme
  • ENT and audiology news article – Reflections on virtual teaching
  • In the context of COVID-19, NHS Education for Scotland (NES) has been running a series of short webinar sessions focused on specific aspects of practice, use of technology, ways of working and other key topics identified by AHPs. Examples of relevant webinars include:
    • AHPS – Providing ‘virtual’ practice-based learning experiences for students
    • Sharing stories about providing student practice-based learning through COVID-19 disruption
  • Rapid implementation and improvement of a virtual student placement model in response to the COVID-19 pandemic – available in the BMJ Open Qual

Simulation resources

Examples of innovative practice

Innovative service development in mainstream schools

Involving students in research

Student mentoring

Telehealth placements

Lead author

Jo Sandiford

Supporting authors

Ria Bayliss, Sarah Buckley, Fiona Campbell, Kirsty Catling, Ruth Crampton, Orla Duffy, Warda Farah, Emma Ferris, Carolyn Hawkes, Julie Marchant, Hannah McCorry, Helen McDonald, Melanie Packer, Hannah Plumpton

Project reference group

Katie Anthony, Jan Baerselman, Jane Callard, Caroline Cookson, Tricia Doran, Therese Elliott, Carol Fairfield, Zoe Garstang, Peter Glover, Helen Nazlie, Anne Onwusiri, Angela Penny, Jenny Powner, Rachel Starkey, Lucy Talbot

Guidance last updated: February 2021

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