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Further information, including examples of innovative practice and additional resources to be used alongside the practice-based learning introduction and main guidance.

Last updated: February 2021

Examples of innovative practice

RCSLT has collated examples of innovative practice in placement education that members have kindly shared. These resources include presentations and articles that outline the different approaches used to deliver placements following the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The resources are categorised according to themes for ease of access.

These resources can be viewed online or downloaded but they cannot be edited. If you wish to use ideas shared in these resources, please acknowledge the author(s) of the resource(s). We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the members who shared their resources.

Innovative service development in mainstream schools

Jan Baerselman outlines an innovative approach to student placements in independent practice. Students provide a service to two primary schools to top up existing public sector support. The service is for families that would not normally access independent provision. Assessment, therapy and collaboration with school staff is provided under the supervision of a placement educator. Outcomes are measures using TOMs and the service quality is measured with questionnaires for staff and families. Students provide feedback on whether this placement meets their learning needs. The time, and therefore cost, required to set up a paired placement for a term is measured and the time/cost of providing subsequent placements is estimated.

Involving students in research

This Birmingham City University (BCU) presentation refers to a peer placement where students supported the implementation of a research project as part of their final year placement.

Student mentoring

Final year students at Sheffield University (SU) offered mentoring to first year students on clinical placement, to increase their opportunities for clinical learning during the pandemic.

Placement case studies

Read our collection of case studies on how students and practice educators can benefit from placements.

Telehealth placements

Examples of innovative practice with telehealth placements can be found in our telehealth placements guidance.

Research and leadership placements

Find out about research and leadership placements, including case studies from students and practice educators with recent experience in research and / or leadership placements, both within the SLT profession and the wider AHP community.

Additional resources

RCSLT resources

Additional resources

Simulation resources

Research resources

Examples of innovative practice

Innovative service development in mainstream schools

Involving students in research

Student mentoring

Other examples of innovative practice in telehealth placements can be found in the telehealth placements section.

Lead author

Jo Sandiford

Supporting authors

Ria Bayliss, Sarah Buckley, Fiona Campbell, Kirsty Catling, Ruth Crampton, Orla Duffy, Warda Farah, Emma Ferris, Carolyn Hawkes, Julie Marchant, Hannah McCorry, Helen McDonald, Melanie Packer, Hannah Plumpton

Project reference group

Katie Anthony, Jan Baerselman, Jane Callard, Caroline Cookson, Tricia Doran, Therese Elliott, Carol Fairfield, Zoe Garstang, Peter Glover, Helen Nazlie, Anne Onwusiri, Angela Penny, Jenny Powner, Rachel Starkey, Lucy Talbot

Guidance last updated: February 2021

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