9 May 2024

RCSLT have developed new guidance, resources and a position paper to support SLTs working with people with dementia

SLTs have a varied and evolving role in supporting people with dementia to meet their goals. We’ve launched our updated guidance for SLTs working with people with dementia, covering multiple aspects of practice in communicationeating, drinking and swallowing.  

Topics covered include appropriate interventions, sensory changes and dementia and learning disability. Current good practice is highlighted throughout the guidance, with case studies which showcase the variety of roles an SLT may hold in this area.   

In addition to the web guidance, the position paper highlights the benefits of providing an adequate SLT service and the risks of not doing so, along with the need to ensure communication and eating, drinking and swallowing difficulties are all given equal levels of support. 

Thorough public guidance has also been created, which highlights the challenges which people with dementia can have around communicationeating, drinking and swallowing and how SLTs can help introduce techniques and tools to support. This guidance also provides details about how individuals can support a friend or loved one with dementia, centring the needs and wishes of the person with dementia and responding to any changing preferences in communication, food and drink. 

Both our updated guidance and position paper were co-produced with people with dementia to ensure their voice was involved in this work. 

Visit our dementia pages to read the guidance in full.