17 January 2023

RCSLT Scotland is excited to announce our new Learning to Lead in Complex Systems programme.


  • Do you want to develop your resilience, confidence, and leadership skills?
  • Are you an experience band 5/6 SLT working in a complex system?
  • Are you an RCSLT member working in Scotland?

We are excited to announce our new Learning to Lead in Complex Systems programme. RCSLT Scotland has commissioned June Wylie to develop a bespoke leadership development programme for experienced band 5/6 speech and language therapists working at level 6 of the NES career framework. We are testing this programme in Scotland with eight participants. Applications open on 18 January 2023 and close on 24 February 2023. This course is free to RCSLT members.

What’s it all about?

Participants will participate in five 3 hour sessions exploring complexity, leadership and quality improvement.  Further details of the programme (PDF) can be downloaded.

Aims of the programme:

  • Enable participants to further develop their leadership knowledge and skills and develop their insights and confidence to work within complex systems.
  • Provide an opportunity to explore a range of issues that influence and impact on leadership and the working environment
  • Support participants to grow their curiosity and skills in quality improvement and consider opportunities to develop an improvement proposal which is relevant to their area of work


All applicants for the programme must:

  • Have gained a range of experience working within health and social care, third or independent sector
  • Have a desire to develop their leadership skills and improve outcomes for staff, patients, and the service
  • Have explicit sponsorship and support from their line manager/ service lead
  • Be engaged with an annual appraisal programme and have identified leadership development within their personal development plan
  • Be committed to sharing their learning by running teach back sessions and using their skills beyond the completion of the programme
  • Commit to completing course work as part of the programme
  • Be a member of the RCSLT

All line managers/service leads supporting an application must make the following commitments:

  • To release participants to attend five three hour sessions and provide time to undertake pre and post programme activities
  • To release participants to provide a minimum of two teach back sessions on completion of the programme.
  • Commit to supporting the progression of a QI proposal

How to apply

Fill out the online application form.

Applications will open on 18 January 2023 and close on Monday 24 February at 5pm.  Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application from 6 March 2023.  The programme starts on Wednesday 26 April 2023.

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