17 April 2023

RCSLT is committed to move towards environmental sustainability and as this week (17-24 April 2023) marks the first #GreenerAHP week we have summarised what we are doing and how you can get involved.

In our five-year strategic vision we have two core objectives on sustainability:

  • Support the profession to be actively engaged in environmental sustainability.
  • Invest in processes to support sustainability and lower our carbon footprint as an organisation.

We have been actively involved in and co-authored materials as part of NHS England’s Greener AHP programme. The programme aims to make it easier for AHPs to educate themselves on environmental sustainability and contribute to a more sustainable NHS.

As an organisation we have looked at several ways to decrease our carbon footprint including:

  • Implementing energy saving solutions at our offices
  • Reviewing our catering options for meetings and events
  • Removing the plastic packaging for Bulletin
  • Introducing digital instead of plastic membership cards
  • Reviewing our marketing materials to ensure they are more sustainable including producing a slimmed down careers leaflet with biodegradable tag

We will also be taking steps to decrease unnecessary staff travel.

Get involved

#GreenerAHP week is an opportunity for speech and language therapists to share what you are doing to make your practices more sustainable, be it through changes to travel and car use, re-use or recycling of equipment, sustainable food or supporting people with communication needs to make sustainable life choices. We’ll be developing an RCSLT position on greener SLT practice in due course.

Share your examples on social media using #GreenerAHP and don’t forget to tag @RCSLT.

To get involved in environmental sustainability within the profession join the SLT Sustainability Network (Susnet) @SLTSusnet