18 August 2022

The RCSLT is pleased to launch a brand new resource to promote speech and language therapy as a career choice.

Hand holding a selection of careers booklets in front of a floral background

This pocket-sized handout provides an update to previous RCSLT careers booklets, acting as a tool to promote speech and language therapy as a rewarding and fulfilling career to school-leavers and university graduates alike, as well as those wanting a career change later in life.

The pandemic has led to a wave of interest in healthcare careers across all age groups. By linking through to the RCSLT’s rich and comprehensive career webpages via a QR code, the handy new booklet directs prospective SLTs to all the information they need about joining the profession.

The new careers booklet might be small in stature, but it’s big on both professional inspiration and environmental credentials.

Sustainability is an integral part of the RCSLT’s new five year vision, and so the new format saves on printing, paper and our carbon footprint. Made with sustainably sourced, carbon-neutral paper and a built-in biodegradable tag, the new careers booklet is eye-catching, memorable, and easy for people to pick up and hang on to.

If you’re a member attending a careers promotion event, we’d love to provide you with copies to hand out to the next generation of speech and language therapists. Email info@rcslt.org for supplies.

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