As a final year student, you’ll need to start thinking about what life will be like as an Newly Qualified Professional (NQP). We have lots of bespoke resources to help you in during your time as a student, picking a career path and during your early career.

Student day videos

Why policy and public affairs matter to you

Presented by Derek Munn, director of policy and public affairs at the RCSLT

Life after graduation

Produced by Tom Griffin, professional enquiries manager at the RCSLT

Northern Ireland update

Presented by Ruth Sedgewick, head of Northern Ireland office at the RCSLT

Wales update

Presented by Pippa Cotterill, head of Wales office at the RCSLT

Scotland update

Presented by Glenn Carter, head of Scotland office at the RCSLT

Utilizing social media

Produced by Josephine Olley, media and PR manager at the RCSLT

RCSLT NQP competency framework

Presented by Tom Griffin, professional enquiries manager at the RCSLT

Why policy and public affairs matter to you

Presented by Padraigin O’Flynn

Supporting your evidence-based practice

Presented by Sarah Lambert, research and outcomes officer at the RCSLT

Download useful links for evidence-based practice (PDF).

RCSLT website and CPD diary

Presented by Mark Singleton, learning officer at the RCSLT

RCSLT networks and communities

Presented by Kaleigh Maietta

Course Beetle – sponsor of RCSLT National Student Study Day 2022

Course Beetle is a leading provider of workforce training within education, health and social care, and specialise in training which supports practitioners to deliver evidence-based approaches and interventions for people of all ages with speech, language and communication needs or learning disabilities.

It can be daunting starting a new career. The RCSLT is here to hep you throughout your career, including your time as an NQP. These resources will help you on every step of your journey

  • RCSLT NQP pages – find out more about your journey as an NQP, continuing your professional development and  information about supervision and support.
  • NQP goals and Framework (PDF download)
  • FAQs for NQPS – review our list of Frequently asked questions and answers for NQPs
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