RCSLT anti-racism updates

The RCSLT is dedicated to promoting diversity within our profession, and ensuring the pledges outlined in our Black Lives Matter statement are met. This page outlines the ongoing progress of this work.

The RCSLT’s diversity and anti-racism work

Since the release of our Black Lives Matter statement, the RCSLT has been working to implement the four anti-racist pledges that were outlined:

  • Promote greater visibility of Black, Asian and minority ethnic members across all RCSLT communications channels.
  • Hold a profession-wide online event, led by members of the Black, Asian and minority ethnic community.
  • Create a platform/safe space for Black, Asian and minority ethnic members, including student SLTs.
  • Encourage our membership to learn and engage more through literature.

Our anti-racism work spans three main areas:

  • Supporting our members to be actively anti-racist
  • Diversity in the workforce
  • Meeting the needs of our diverse populations

These three areas are explained in further detail on this page.

How to get involved

Email Dilnaz.gorwala@rcslt.org to join the anti-racism reference group or see our get involved section for other ways to take part in the RCSLT’s work.

Supporting our members to be actively anti-racist

Diversity in the workforce

  • We’ve reviewed all our communications channels and are focusing on diversity of images and voices. Our Focus on Diversity column in Bulletin showcases all the fantastic work members are doing.
  • We are creating new careers promotion resources that include stories from members from many different backgrounds. Members from the anti-racism reference group are attending virtual careers fairs to talk to prospective students about the profession.
  • We’re improving our member database so we can collect more data on diversity and have a clearer picture of the membership.
  • We’re bringing together a group of universities to work together to improve the student experience, and we’re also updating our placement guidance.
  • Our governance is under review too, with the aim of identifying ways to increase diversity on our Board of Trustees. In November 2021, members voted to overhaul our Board elections, which carry a risk of unconscious bias, and our new Nominations Committee was established.

Meeting the needs of our diverse populations

  • We’ve brought together clinical excellence networks and universities to work to embed culturally appropriate practice in education and across all areas of practice. We’re also learning from our colleagues in other countries.
  • We’re providing guidance on culturally appropriate care for members, including through the anti-racism event and by promoting existing guidance on bilingualism and health inequalities.
  • We’re identifying gaps and how to fill these – for example, what research and evidence is needed; what more do we need in the way of materials and resources?

In 2021, we asked our members to complete a survey as part of our Anti-racism learning events.  Researched and written by SLT student and EDI rep at Reading University, Chloe Nkomo,  the report  is a result of a successful bid for joint funding between Reading University and the RCSLT.

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