12 November 2021

This year’s annual general meeting (AGM) included a vote to change how the RCSLT selects its Board trustees and committee members.

At the RCSLT annual general meeting (AGM) in November, members voted to replace our system of elections with an appointment process.

A new Nominations Committee is to be established. The committee will be responsible to the Board for developing a diverse and representative pipeline of future leaders, advertising roles effectively, and ensuring the RCSLT has the right mix of skills at Board and committee level to secure the organisation’s future.

Members voted for the far-reaching proposals at the RCSLT’s 2021 AGM, held online on 9 November.

The proposals followed an external review commissioned by the RCSLT into the lack of diversity at Board level, and in support of the organisation’s anti-racism objectives. Board elections, which carry a risk of unconscious bias, were cited by the review as in need of an overhaul.

This ground-breaking vote by members moves us closer to securing fairer and more representative leadership for the RCSLT and the profession. Our next step will be to recruit members to join the Nominations Committee and Selection Panels.

If you have any questions, email us at info@rcslt.org

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