About the project

There are currently limited opportunities for clinical academic roles with key aspects such as ‘research’ missing from job descriptions. There is a need for greater clarity in job descriptions to support SLTs to be involved in research, deliver evidence-based practice, and provide the best interventions possible.

As part of a Health Education England (HEE) funded programme to support allied health professions (AHP) workforce reform priorities, the RCSLT has compiled examples of clinical academic job descriptions and developed 4 template job descriptions in line with the CAHPR Research Practitioner Framework.

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The purpose of this project was to compile examples of existing clinical academic job descriptions and develop 4 job description templates to enable SLTs and prospective SLTs to create expectations and be able to develop their own job descriptions if necessary.

Project outcomes

RCSLT employed a Lead Author, Dr Gemma Clunie, to develop 4 clinical academic job description templates. These have been developed in line with the CAHPR Research Practitioner Framework and reflect the 4 different levels, awareness, core, intermediate and advanced, as seen in the Framework.

A team of SLTs reviewed these and provided feedback to the Lead Author to finalise. Thank you to everyone that has been able to be involved in the development of these job descriptions. We are extremely grateful for your contributions.

These job descriptions are accessible to all so please do feel free to share them with your contacts.

Awareness job description

Core job description

Intermediate job description

Advanced job description

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