About the SLT Research Practitioner Framework Resource Map

The SLT Research Practitioner Framework Resource Map has been developed by the Research Capacity Builders (RCB) group – a coalition of professional networks and the RCSLT. The RCB group have independent strategic goals to, in some way, bolster and build research capacity and culture within the speech and language therapy profession.

It aims to provide SLTs with a tool to navigate their research career and identify support networks and resources to facilitate their research career progression. It also offers a resource to mentors who support research capacity development in less experienced colleagues.


Following a meeting of the coalition of networks, convened in March 2020, the RCB group have been meeting regularly to discuss activities and developments, with the shared aims:

  1. To unite initiatives with the shared purpose to support the SLT profession in developing research capability, capacity, and culture.
  2. To identify the most efficient way we can use our individual resources to achieve this shared goal.

In recognition of the shared aims and potential overlap in scope and strategy, the RCB group set upon systematically mapping the activity and goals of each network to clearly define and communicate: the unique role of each group, areas of overlap and potential spaces for collaboration, and gaps which may exist despite the variety of support available.

The Council for Allied Health Professions in Research (CAHPR) Research Practitioner Framework was selected as an appropriate tool to map the activity and goals of each network. Each knowledge and skill statement on the framework was considered by the network representative leads, and was mapped as either:

  • An active focus or goal of the network.
  • An aspirational focus or goal of the network.
  • Not a focus or goal of the network.

The RCB group felt this was also a beneficial route for highlighting key additional resources beyond that provided by each network – these are also mapped against the elements of the framework, in this resource.

The Research Capacity Builders (RCB) group

The RCB group currently comprises seven networks.

RCSLT Research Champions

  • Contact: info@rcslt.org
  • About the network:
    • It engages with those who both do and do not have a history of, or aspiration to, conduct formal research.
    • It offers exclusive opportunities to participate in research activities by the professional body.
  • Find out more about RCSLT Research Champion

RCSLT Clinical Academic Mentors

  • Contact: info@rcslt.org
  • About the network:
    • Offers bespoke mentor matching (no obligation).
    • Consists of clinical academics with a range of experiences, including those who can advise on conducting large trials.
  • Find out more about RCSLT Clinical Academic Mentors

CAHPR/NIHR AHP Research Champions

  • Find local champions
  • About the network: We are a network of NHS-based clinicians with experience of navigating local research systems and networks in order to progress our own clinical-academic careers. We have a strong understanding of the barriers and facilitators to NHS-based AHPs engaging in research activity in our region and can offer bespoke, local support and signposting to individuals, teams and services.
  • Visit the CAHPR/NIHR AHP Research Champions website


North East Research Network/CEN

  • Contact: nesltresearch@gmail.com
  • About the network: The North East SLT Research Network/CEN has close links with Speech and Language Sciences at Newcastle University. It aims to engage SLTs at all levels of the research continuum, from research-conscious to research-active.
  • This network is applicable to those in north east England only.
  • Visit the North East Research Network/CEN website



  • Contact: cahpr@csp.org.uk or find local hubs
  • About the network: Offers resources, local peer support networks and, occasionally, small pots of funding to support development of research capability, capacity and culture from an AHP-wide perspective.
  • Visit the CAHPR website

We would like to acknowledge the following members for their involvement in the RCB group and the development of all materials: Katherine Broomfield, Dr Jackie McRae, Dr Hazel Roddam, Katie Monnelly, Dr Helen Stringer, Dr Mari Viviers, Milly Heelan, Dr Rebecca Palmer, Amit Kulkarni and Katie Chadd.

SLT Research Practitioner Framework Resource Map

You can also download pre-filtered resource maps which list elements of knowledge and skills exclusive to each entry-level of the framework.

These resources are for users to:

  1. Familiarise themselves with the CAHPR Research Practitioner Framework as a tool for professional development.
  2. Identify which level they may be at, alongside the level they are striving towards, while observing specific knowledge/skills relevant for their selected level.
  3. Identify networks and sources of support to develop the specific knowledge/skills required for each level.
  4. Understand the unique contributions of each RCB network and feel supported along the research practitioner journey.


To help us evaluate the impact of this resource, please help us by filling in a short online survey about whether you have or have not used the tool, the reasons for doing so, and the impact this had on your research career and capacity development.

Next steps

We aim to regularly update this resource with new networks and resources, while capturing the emerging roles of each network and detailing how they can support aspiring clinical researchers, as well as improve its usability based on feedback.

Please get in touch via email at info@rcslt.org if:

  • You co-ordinate, or are part of, a network that you think should be included in the RCB group and represented on the resource.
  • You have any recommendations on supporting resources that should be included in the resource.
  • You have any general feedback on the usability of the resource. You can also leave your comments in the feedback survey.

Further information

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