Key points

  • The biggest barrier to the growth of the speech and language therapy profession is that people have not heard of it.
  • There are 18 universities across the UK that offer speech and language therapy courses both at undergraduate and masters level.

One of the biggest barriers to the growth of speech and language therapy is that most young people simply don’t know about it. Those joining the profession have always found out about it from family or friends, or they have heard about it during their first degree, often in English, linguistics or psychology.  


There is a potential role for every SLT to be involved in attracting the next generation of students. Not only by taking part in careers events for example, but in every contact with service users there is potential in spreading knowledge of the profession.


Information for prospective students about becoming a SLT can be found here. There is also information on which universities offer pre-registration training and details about the apprenticeship route.


The RCSLT is developing a number of projects aimed at promoting SLT as a career. Details of the projects can be found on the projects page. There are small and larger roles that you could take on, so take a look and see what might suit you.