1 December 2022

Our new digital membership cards will replace our plastic cards in 2023


Students from University College London are providing feedback on the look and functionality of our new, digital membership cards, which we’re creating as part of our commitment to the environment.

Following testing from the trial group of 60 students, the digital cards will be rolled out to all members in 2023, saving around 20, 000 cards worth of plastic each year.

Like our physical membership cards, the digital cards will display members’ names, membership number and membership category, they’ll also feature a QR code that can be scanned by mobile devices to verify your membership status. Your membership card will be stored on the RCSLT website and can be accessed after logging in.

Soon, there’ll be no need to worry about losing your important card – you’ll be able to conveniently access your RCSLT membership from your phone alongside your credit card, gym card and library card!

The RCSLT has highlighted the importance of greener healthcare in our five year vision. In addition to reducing our use of plastic, we’ve also been taking steps to lower our carbon footprint including launching new-look careers booklets which have reduced our printing, paper and carbon emissions.

Please note: if you have an appropriate reason to request a physical card, for example limited access to technology, there will be an option to apply for one through our membership team.

Get involved

Log in and update your details to ensure your membership card will have the correct information.

If you are a student who wants to be more involved with the RCSLT, come along to our student day on Wednesday 7 December to receive support and advice on your future career.

RCSLT National Student Study Day 2022

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