SLT Assistants (SLTAs)

RCSLT is looking at how we can support SLT Assistants (SLTAs) and support workers in speech and language therapy to develop their careers and how we can support members who manage assistants to develop the workforce.  

To enable this we would like to set up a working group to help review how we can identify and address support and training needs for SLTAs, SLTA managers, and support workers.

Please note: we are currently using the terms support worker and speech and language therapy assistant interchangeably, as we are aware this differs across location, job role, and setting. As part of the scoping phase, we aim to agree a term to move forward with.

Opportunities to get involved

As part of the discovery phase of this project, we are looking to form a working group consisting of both assistants and SLTs supervising assistants, to help agree the scope of this project and its outputs.

Please note we are looking for assistants working in a wide range of situations and contexts, including:

  • geographical areas across the UK,

  • settings e.g. schools, justice, hospitals, community

  • client groups e.g. children, adults

  • e.g. self-employed, sole traders, employed


The main purpose of the working group is to:

  • identify need and possible solutions to support SLTAs

  • develop assistants competency framework

  • support AHP wide working around support workers (wider AHP framework)

  • feed into discussions of what RCSLT can do to support them


The group will then be split into different roles, including the following:

  • Lead author (paid role)

  • Supporting author

  • Project reference group


Further information about project roles. If you are interested please complete this application form and return it to no later than 5pm, 07 January 2021.