RCSLT have set up an author group to develop a support worker competency framework and other resources. These will help support workers develop their careers and also help members who manage them, to develop the workforce. This group will also review the training needs for support workers/SLTAs and SLT managers.

Terminology: To align with the (HEE) AHP Competency, Education and Career Development Framework (in development) we will primarily use the term support worker. Although we realise that this term is often used interchangeably with, for example, speech and language therapy assistant and that job titles differ across location, job role, and setting.

As part of the scoping phase, we aim to agree a term to move forward with.

Opportunities to get involved

Applications to be part of the author group are now closed.

However, the project reference group (PRG) consists of both support workers and SLTs supervising them and if you wish to be part of the PRG we are still accepting applications.

If you are interested please read further information about project roles (PDF), complete the application form (Word) and return it to paul.omeara@rcslt.org

Please note we are looking for support workers who are employed in a wide range of situations and contexts, including:

  • geographical areas across the UK,

  • settings, eg schools, justice, hospitals, community

  • client groups, eg children, adults

  • eg self-employed, sole traders, employed

The main purpose of the PRG is to:

  • Provide input into the scope of the project (answer key questions by email)
  • Review draft content (member and public/non-member) and provide feedback at consultation stages
  • Act as point of contact throughout the project for Authors who may contact the group with specific questions/queries

Next steps and timeline

The scoping meeting is being held on Tuesday 13 April where the author group (lead author and supporting authors) will decide what is ‘in and out of scope’ for this project.

Once the scoping meeting has taken place the timelines will be finalised and updated on this page.