28 April 2022

The latest Board meeting launched the RCSLT’s strategic vision for the next five years and approved a new approach to recruiting future board and committee members.

The Board were joined by RCSLT member Claire Westwood who talked about her career pathway and passion for working in criminal justice.

The meeting was also an opportunity to celebrate successes from the last four years, and launch our vision for the next five years. The RCSLT Strategic Vision sets out the organisation’s mission, vision and aspirations for 2022-2027.

RCSLT chair, Mary Heritage said: “The Strategic Vision is the result of a wide-ranging consultation with members, service users and partner organisations, as well as RCSLT staff, senior management and the Board of Trustees and I look forward to us delivering against the ambitions over the coming months and years.”

Next, the Board approved an approach from the newly formed Nominations Committee on recruiting future board and committee members. Roles will be advertised in May – keep an eye on our enewsletter and social media for more details.

The meeting also included a workshop on the RCSLT’s finances to ensure we have diversity in our income streams and are managing our finances in a way that provides best value for our members.

If you’d like to find out more about the Board meeting, you can download the minutes (PDF).

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