20 December 2022

We are delighted to launch the first two examples of a new resource type for members: the RCSLT how-to: formal assessments.

The “RCSLT how-to: formal assessments” has been designed to provide an introduction and overview of specific formal SLT assessments. Each module focuses on a single assessment, and runs through what the assessment is, who it’s for and what it can provide in terms of results to the SLT.

It also features several videos showing the assessment (or sections, in the case of particularly long assessments) being run by an experienced SLT. Some of the videos also have additional comments and information that pops up throughout the duration, helping the learner to understand what the SLT does and why.

We have worked closely with the publishers of the assessments to make sure we are keeping within their copyright guidelines, and to allow us to show sections of the assessment with their approval.

Although designed with SLT students and NQPs in mind, the modules can be accessed by any member of the RCSLT, and as such can also be used by experienced SLTs looking at running a new assessment they’ve never used before.

Our intention is to ‘field-test’ the first two modules (one focused on the Renfrew Action Picture Test, and the other on the Comprehensive Aphasia Test), and then take the framework out to interested Clinical Excellence Networks and assessment publishers to allow us to build further modules focusing on different assessments.

You can find the resource on our continuing professional development (CPD) site.

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