CQL user guide

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We encourage RCSLT members to consider the following key principles when using Communicating Quality Live:

1.  Understand the legislation, frameworks and structures within which you work, and your responsibilities for ensuring that the policies that fall within your personal scope of practice are in line with this legislation.  

  • All employers, the self-employed and sole practitioners, are reminded that they have a responsibility to develop and maintain local policies based on national frameworks and legislation. 

2.  Act as ‘resource investigators’ and consider all applicable national and local requirements when applying any information and resources in your specific setting.

3.  Build supportive infrastructure around yourself to ensure that you have appropriate opportunities for peer support, reflection on your practice, regular supervision and continued professional development.  

You could do this by: 

4.  Work in partnership with colleagues both within and outside of the profession in the best interests of service users.  Scenarios will be used throughout the CQ Live guidance and resources and across all key topics, to help members working in a variety of employment contexts to reflect on their practice. 

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