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There are increasing calls to provide seven day services across the UK.

The Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing has shared his vision for the NHS in Scotland by endorsing the delivery of seven day services.  In England, Sir Bruce Keogh, NHS Medical Director for England, stated that the provision of seven day services across the NHS is his number one priority.

The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges also want to encourage this and to support leaders in making tangible change at all levels in the health service and across all four countries of the UK. 

What are seven day services?

The NHS IQ report 'NHS Services – open seven days a week: every day counts' describes seven day services as: 

            "Seven day service provision is about equitable access, care and treatment, regardless of the day of the week. The level of service provided should ensure that the patient has a seamless pathway of care when accessing services no matter what day of the week."  

The RCSLT position:

Seven day services are being developed across the UK and there are already examples of good practice across speech and language therapy.

The RCSLT supports active involvement of the profession in these developments as SLTs are essential members of multidisciplinary teams in clinical care pathways. As the evidence base on how seven day services affects and improves patient outcomes is still emerging, the RCSLT would encourage its members to evaluate impact and share good practice.

We would expect due regard to be given to staff safety and security; the availability of appropriate specialist skills; maintenance of existing cover for the five days already serviced; appropriate funding and the ability to discharge effectively to the community at the weekend. 

How can you be involved? 

If you have any feedback on the Seven Day Services webpage, please contact Caroline Wright, RCSLT Project Coordinator: caroline.wright@rcslt.org

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