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Senedd Cymru / Welsh Parliament election 2021

The RCSLT Wales team has been working hard to raise awareness of the needs of people with speech, language and communication needs and swallowing difficulties, and the role of the profession in improving their lives, among candidates.

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Briefing Welsh Government plans for recovery of health and social care (April 2021)

Briefing on Welsh Government National Clinical Framework- A Learning Health and Social Care System (April 2021)

Briefing on Additional Learning Needs Legislation-stage 2 (October 2017)
SEN reform (October 2017)
Briefing on Additional Learning Needs Legislation (August 2017)

Consultation responses

Welsh Government

National Assembly for Wales

Health, Social Care and Sport committee

Children, Young People and Education Committee

Equalities, local government and communities committee


  • Giving Voice – aims to ‘give voice’ to people with Speech, language and communication needs, to ensure their needs and those of their carers and families, are met.  We equip our members to demonstrate locally how speech and language therapy makes a difference to individuals and society, whist RCSLT officers work to engage decision makers and the media at a national level.
  • Improvements in stroke care
  • Dementia

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Early language infographics

Proposed changes for Wales

Resources to support you in responding to any proposed changes to your service’s structures and priorities.

Nation specific resources



Learning and development for leaders and managers working across the public service in Wales

Tools and techniques for change: a leaders handbook. AcademiWales

Toolkit of techniques that are regularly utilised by change management and organisational development professionals in a wide variety of settings.

Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales (CSSIW)

Regulates and inspects to improve adult care, childcare and social services for people in Wales.

Healthcare Inspectorate Wales (HIW)

Independent inspectorate and regulator of healthcare in Wales.

NICE clinical guidelines

Improving health and social care through evidence-based guidance.

1000 Lives Improvement Service

National improvement service for NHS Wales delivered by Public Health Wales.

Who should I try to influence in Wales?

External stakeholders in Wales you can seek to influence include:

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